Blinds for Your Bedroom

Guide For Choosing Blinds for Your Bedroom

Blinds come in different colors, pattern, and materials, making it difficult to make a decision as to what is the most suitable for your bedroom. In this post, we will look at the factors that matter in selecting the right blinds for bedrooms.


Personal Style
As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. Your personal style and taste should be a big factor when selecting blinds for your bedroom, after all, you will be the one to spend time in there. If you prefer a bedroom with a streamlined, modern look, roller blinds will be your perfect choice. On the other hand, Venetian blinds are known for their perfect lines that provides a feeling of neatness.


Colour and Pattern
Unlike other parts of the house, the bedroom is primarily for relaxation. So it is important that you go for patterns and colors that promote relaxation. When it comes to blinds for bedrooms, cool colors are the best option but it is also important that you consider the color preferences of your partner or roommate if you share the room with someone else.

That said, try as much as possible to avoid overly bright colors and bold patterns as they can be visually exhausting. And do not forget to consider the colors of your beddings when making this decision.


Privacy and Light Control
Blockout roller blinds are particularly good for reducing the amount of light entering the room. You can use this in your rooms of any member of your family that is sensitive to light. But if you don’t like blocking natural light entirely, vertical blinds give you a certain level of control.

You can adjust the slats to achieve the degree of light and privacy that you deem suitable. You can also pair an inside mounted blind with a sheer curtain hanging overtop, this will guarantee you some privacy even when the blind is up, allowing natural light to illuminate the room.


Material Used
Blinds are made of different materials and this is a factor you should also consider. If you suffer from dust allergy, blinds made of hard materials will be the best for you. This is because such blinds retain less amount of dust and they are less tedious to clean up.

In the same vein, the positioning of your bedroom as it relates to sunlight is also very important. Particularly, you should avoid aluminum Venetian blinds if your bedroom gets a lot of sunlight.


While blinds pose little to no safety concern for adults, children are more at risk, especially if you opt for blinds with a corded system. There are lots of safer options out there like blinds with electronic controls, spring-loaded blinds, or using tensioners to make sure that cords are neatly and safely held in place.


Get Professional Assistance
The purpose of this blog is to help you learn how to do choose the type of blind that is most suitable for your bedrooms. But if you are still not sure of how to go selecting the right material, pattern, and color for your bedroom(s), a professional can help ease the process.

At Easy Blinds, we have a team of professional interior designers and store a wide variety of blinds. Helping clients make the right decision with regards to choosing the most appropriate blinds is something we are always happy to do. Feel free to reach out to us today.

Blinds for School

Choosing the Perfect Blinds for School Projects

When it comes to choosing blinds for schools, there are three factors that you should take seriously:

  1. children’s’ Safety
  2. Durability
  3. Light control.

However, today, we won’t be looking at just these factors. Instead, our focus will be on the types of blinds that meet these criteria so you can quickly narrow down on the most suitable one for your school or project.


Roller Blinds
From our experience serving commercial clients, including schools (nurseries, elementary, colleges, and universities), roller blinds have always been our top recommendations to contractors and project coordinators handling school-related projects. This is because roller blinds meet the three factors we highlighted earlier.

First of all, this type of blinds is safe due to the fact that it has the least moving parts when compared to the other types of blinds. They come in a range of options, from the fully motorized ones to the spring assisted and chain operated options.

Secondly, roller blinds are durable because they are built to last long even when exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. All our roller blinds are treated to resist UV rays and comes in a wide range of colors and operating options.

Lastly, roller blinds provide privacy and light control without taking any of your sill space.


Vertical & Venetian Blinds
If light control is on the top of your list when choosing blinds for your school project, then, vertical and Venetian blinds may be your best option.

With vertical blinds, you can move the whole blind completely out of the way or tilt it to control the amount of light entering the room.

Similarly, Venetian blinds can be raised or tilted to any position using cords and control wands. This is particularly good for a university environment but for nurseries and elementary schools, the electric blinds are safer and we always advise clients handling school projects to go for those options.


PVC  Blinds
PVC blinds are extremely practical options when you need blinds an area that is constantly exposed to splashes of water. This is because they are moisture resistant and waterproof. In addition, PVC blinds are flame retardant. So PVC blinds are an all-in-one package but roller blinds are still better for classrooms are offices.


Other Features To Watch Out For When Choosing Blinds For Schools

Flame Retardancy
Whether you are choosing roller blinds or you prefer Venetian and vertical blinds, flame retardancy is a very important feature when choosing blinds for schools. So make sure you ask about this feature from your supplier.

This feature does not affect the appearance of the blinds because the flame-retardant finish is applied to the fabric during manufacturing.

At Easy Blinds, we have a wide variety of flame retardant blinds that are suitable for schools and commercial projects.


Solar Control
If you have a classroom facing the sun, you will notice that there is a limited amount of visible sunlight entering the room. Blinds with solar control fabrics will help increase the percentage of sun reflection and this can be necessary for reducing glare on whiteboards and screens.

Looking to select the perfect blinds for a school project, Easy blinds has a wide variety of school-friendly blinds and our experts will help you with everything, from measurement to speedy delivery.

Shop For Blinds in Dubai

Recycle Ideas For Old Window Blinds

Almost all homes and offices in Dubai have blinds installed in their windows to beat the long summer sun. Window blinds are known to provide enough protection from heat and light and have become an essential part of the home and office decor. Blinds are one of the home interior components that adds functionality to style.


However, when window blinds become too old or stop matching their surrounding, you start thinking of getting rid of them. While taking them out and throwing them away is an option, it is one of the most polluting and non-sustainable solutions to solid-waste management.

If you are thinking of recycling your old window blinds in Dubai, here are a few tips to help you manage getting rid of them in better ways. Old window blinds can be donated, repurposed or recycled depending on its material. So here are some ideas –


Mini Aluminium Blinds

If your aluminium blinds are way too old to be donated, you can take them to any scrap metal yard as they are made of 100% recyclable. However, you need to cut the lift and ladder chords to free each blind slat as they do not accept the full blinds. You can remove all the aluminium parts for them and drop it off at the recycling centre


Wooden Blinds

Treated and painted woods cannot be recycled. So the best way to deal with the old blinds is to upcycle or donate them. If your wooden blinds and not too shabby, you can clean it thoroughly and consider giving away to someone who might find it useful.

Another way to work around them is to upscale it and to make useful craft items like chalkboard garden markers or wooden mirror frames.


Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood blinds are made of a mixture of PVC and recycled hardwood, which is impossible to be recycled again. Similar to wooden blinds, these can also be donated or upscaled to craft items.


Roman Blinds

In case you are discarding your roman blinds simply because they are no more suitable for your interiors, donate it away after a good dusting. Good roman blinds are always in demand. But in case your blinds are torn or broken, dismantle them for recycling. Any metal hardware can be sent for scrap, while the cloth can be used for sewing or decor projects.

You can also sell your old blind cloth to resale stores, which send off fabric scraps to be turned into industrial rags.


Woven Wooden Blinds

Bamboo sticks are usually turned into woven wooden blinds. Unlike any other window blinds, these shades are almost completely biodegradable. They have wooden headrails and are woven together with natural fibres, so throwing them away in the trash is quite fine.

You can also upscale bamboo blinds into garden crafts as they give off a pretty earthy feel to your garden area.


Things to remember before donating old window blinds-


If your window blinds are still operational, as your neighbours or friends whether they need them. Bachelors, college students or newlyweds who are looking for second-hand home necessities might be interested in full functional blinds put up for sale. However, before you donate, make sure to uninstall them, keeping all the hardware together with the blinds. Take care to clean the blinds with dust cloths and vacuum.


Looking forward to buying new window blinds for your home in Dubai? Contact us today to find great choices for your home.


Motorised blinds in Dubai

Installing Vertical Blinds: 2 Fail-safe Ways

When we have large glass doors or windows, vertical blinds are often used to cover them Vertical blinds give a clean and elegant look to the room with their straight lines and often create an illusion of increased height or width to the room depending upon the way it is mounted. Vertical blinds can be easily mounted in two ways.


1.Mounting inside the window frame

2.Mounting outside the window frame


These installation methods are discussed in detail below –


Mounting inside the window frame


Vertical blinds can be mounted inside the window frame. First, the valance is mounted to the upper frame of the window or door. The L shaped valance is mounted in such a way that the front of the valance will hide the headrail. From each end of the valance, 3 inches are left for positioning the brackets.


Here the brackets are installed inside the upper frame of the door or window, leaving around 3 inches from the side of the frame and out from the glass. The brackets are screwed into place and both the valance and brackets are attached to the inside of the frame. After repeating these processes on both sides of the window, the headrail is fitted. After completing the framework, the vanes are attached.


For mounting on the window frame, a window depth of 2.5 inches is absolutely necessary. When measuring, keep in mind about the window area with protruding door handles, which might be pushed into the blinds when they are not installed properly. This is particularly true for large sliding glass doors. Measure the depth of the handle and compare that to the measurement of the depth of the window to ensure the handle will be properly covered when the blinds are shut.


Mounting from outside the window frame


When mounting the vertical blinds outside the window frames, leaving approximately 4 to 6 inches of space around the window. This will offer the best privacy and coverage. The headrail is placed at 4 inches above the window by measuring from the bottom of the window, where you want the bottom of the blinds to reach.


With the aid of a helper, place the headrail directly on the mark, while making sure that it is on a straight level. The brackets are then fixed 4 inches from both ends of the headrail and are attached directly to the wall rather than the wooden frame of the window. Wall anchors help keep the brackets in place. The headrail is hooked into the brackets before attaching the vanes. If your vertical blind comes with a valance, attach it over the headrail and thereby covering it from view.


Mounting the vertical blind in either way requires precise measurements and professional help. This ensures that the vertical blinds are installed properly are fully functional. You can as contact your favourite blinds and curtains company in Dubai for proper installation of vertical blinds.


Blinds For Your Home Nursery – The Dos and Donts

Each room in your home has its own purpose, which calls for a particular ambience you wish to set for it. Choosing different window blinds for each of your room can easily put some style into your rooms. However, when you are choosing blinds for your home nursery or your kid’s rooms, you need to take care of some special requirements.

When choosing the perfect window blinds for your home nursery, you bring colours, style and functionality together for your window blinds. So here is a list of things which help you find tailored blinds for your kids’ room –


Decor with a personal touch

Children’s room must be a fun and lively place. It should be bright with a pop of colours as well as soft contoured to encourage your child for a shut eye in a warm and safe environment. When you consider getting blinds for your kid’s room/ nursery, choose roman or roller blinds as they can be easily decorated according to the interior of the room.

Soft patterned blinds are a good choice for kids’ room, which blends well with the personalization you have chosen for the room. For instance, if your kid is a big fan of the movie frozen and has the room decorated to in the movie’s theme, choose a light blue shaded blind with white snowflake patterns for the room, that matches the surroundings perfectly.

You can also ask for your kid’s opinion and get him or her involved in the process of choosing a window blind for their room.

You can also try sticking easy-to-remove decals on plain roller blinds to give more personalization to the blinds. These can also be removed easily without damaging your blinds in case you plan for a redecoration. Remember that the child spends a lot of time in the comfort of the bedroom and hence it should be decorated with positive colours and must have a happy vibe.


Blackout blinds


Babies and smaller kids need a lot of sleep and rest during the mornings. Hence Blackout blinds are essential for your nursery. Blocking out the sunlight when it is not needed helps your child to fall asleep easily and allow you to set a sleeping pattern for them, especially afternoon naps for toddlers.

Safety Concerns


When choosing blinds for your kids’ room, ensure their safety by avoiding blinds with hanging cords. A hanging cord can be dangerous if your child is to grab hold of them. Children are quite curious and might try something they deem fun like swinging on the window blind chord getting themselves tangled in it or worse, get strangled.

Opt for newer models of blinds like the remote-controlled ones to eliminate the need for cords. Most of the window blinds meant for nurseries and kids’rooms have safety features like breakaway cord connectors or breakaway clips that detach under pressure, ensuring that your child is indeed safe at all times.

To learn more about window blinds for nurseries, contact us today!

Rub, Scrub and Squeaky Clean – Best way to maintain your wooden blinds

Wooden Blinds are one of the favourite types of blinds people use. They give an earthy, old-school vibe to your rooms, and are one of the best types of blind that completely blocks out the light.


Although wooden blinds have their plus side, it’s also difficult to maintain them. Wooden window blinds are more prone to wear and tear in general due to humidity and temperature variations. Too much heat can crack the wood whereas moisture will cause the wood to stay damp and decay.


Wooden blinds need proper cleaning for them to remain in good condition. Here are a few ways for you to clean your wooden blinds properly –




The easiest way to clean wooden blinds is to dust it properly. A feather duster or a microfiber cloth is a good choice for cleaning the wood. Rough materials can scratch the wooden surfaces and cause it to lose its natural lustre.


Microfibre cloth attaches themselves to any dirt on the blinds, picking up particles that are usually missed by a normal rag cloth. For dusting your blinds close your window blinds so that they are flat against the window and wipe each slat from left to right. Focus on each slat individually for the best results.


You must also rotate the adjusting rod to open the blind and clean the other side of the slats facing away from you. Dusting your wooden blinds take barely 10 minutes and must be done once a week to keep your blinds clean and well maintained.




If your wooden blinds are really dirty, you can opt to wash your blinds. Washing can be done once in a month for removing any dust and grime that has built up on the slats that need to be removed with water.


For washing the wooden blinds, fill a quarter of a bucket with warm water. Do not mix any cleaning liquids in it as it may damage the wood. Dab a soft cotton rag in the water and wring it well before wiping in a swift motion along the slats. Do not wet the wood too much as it can leave spots on the blinds.

When you clean the slats, always start from top to bottom. Wipe both sides of the blind and make sure the wood is not too damp. Scrub harder on areas with stains in a circular motion. Once you are done the cleaning with a wet cloth, use a soft dry rag to wipe each slat individually to stop wrap and discolouration of the wooden blinds.




You can also vacuum your window blinds. A soft handheld vacuum cleaner can suck up dirt and dust well. If you regularly clean your window blinds, vacuuming is the easiest method. Make sure to use a soft brush with your vacuum cleaner as anything hard can risk scraping the wood. Vacuuming can easily save time with your cleaning.


Maintaining the shine


If your wooden blinds lack shine, you can mix a quarter cup of olive oil in a bowl of warm water before washing your blinds. This will bring back the lustre to your wooden blinds. However, it is recommended not to use olive oil on cracked blinds as it causes the oil to seep in a wrap your wood.


Commercial wood cleaners with lemon oil or wood preservatives can increase the shine of your wooden blinds without damaging them. However, it is important to wipe the blinds afterwards with a dry soft cloth to remove any traces of moisture.

Let your wooden blinds serve you better with a cleaner and shinier appearance.

roller blind

Roller Blind To Rule – How To Use Them Well

Window blinds have become an essential piece of home decor in all our houses these days. They are can give a set the mood for your rooms, giving a trendy or a traditional vibe, depending upon the blinds you choose. Of all the type of blinds out there, roller blinds are one of the most preferred window blinds available in the market.

Before you spend a lot of money to renovate your home and change its interior, browse through the collection of roller window blinds available in the market in Dubai. Installing roller blinds are one of the smartest options to decorate homes as they not only add to the aesthetic beauty of your room, but also provide noise insulation, sun protection, and privacy.

There are decorative window blinds available in the market which can be a great addition to your household. These blinds can be easily attached to the windows with the help of a metal or PVC rolled tubes. Roller blinds are easy to operate using a chain pulley system which aid in rolling the fabric up and down according to need.

Roller blinds are popular due to a reason. They come in many sizes, colors, shapes, and designs and are very sturdy and durable. The ease of use is also another reason for their widespread use in homes and offices. Before choosing roller blinds for your windows, here is a list of benefits which will help you choose better –


The design and ease of use

The roller blinds are designed to fit almost all type of window. They can also be fixed in any places, like inside the window frame, against the window and even outside the window. They are easy to roll up with a pulley mechanism. There are other also roller blinds which have a motorized mechanism for easy operation.


Sun Protection and Privacy

Roller blinds are the best kind of blind for blocking out the sunlight completely. They also reduce the heat inside the home by providing enough insulation form the solar heat. Roller blinds also provide you enough privacy inside the home.

Reasonable price and varied choices

One of the best things about roller blinds is that they are easy on the home renovation budget. Roller blinds are easily one of the most affordable things that you can find in the home accessories market.


Roller blinds also come in several different fabrics. Cotton roller blinds give a clean look and are easier to maintain as they can be easily cleaned. Polyester window blinds are trendy and have a longer lifespan while vinyl window blinds are perfect for hanging outside the window.

There are also fabrics available in the market which has a thermal backing, which give the perfect shade and heat protection during the summer days.


Roller blinds for different rooms

Roller blinds give you the freedom to choose any type of fabric for the rooms in your home. However, each room has particular needs which are met by different materials. For instance, cotton blinds are best suited for bedrooms and living spaces while vinyl is suited for bathrooms and as outdoor blinds.

Polyester is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, while blended fabrics are suitable for most of the rooms. Bedrooms can also have blackout blinds as it completely blocks out the light, allowing you to get a shut eye even during the daytime.

You can also choose patterned window blinds which suits your interiors. So, don’t wait – Find your perfect roller window blinds in Dubai today!

Office Blinds

Improve Your Workplace Productivity With The Right Window Blind

Although it seems trivial at first, having the right window blinds for your office in Dubai can make a lot of difference in your work environment. Having the right kind of blinds, which suit your office interior while giving the best kind of heat and light protection for the employees and effectively improves workplace productivity.

Even when you consider the expenses for furnishing your office interiors, window blinds are one of the least expensive components. With floor to ceiling windows in your high rise office space, the solar gain can be immense, which will lead you to keep your air conditioner on all the time, resulting in high electricity bills. Are you convinced yet of the role played by office blinds in keeping your costs down? Then let’s check out the many options for window blinds out there –

Aluminum mini blinds

This is one of the standard blinds for office spaces. Durable and extremely affordable. They also have a sleek contemporary look, which suits modern day offices well.

Faux wood blinds

If you want to give your office an earthy and traditional feel, faux wood blinds are the best choice. Unlike wooden blinds, they are less susceptible to the effects of heat and moisture and appear in all kinds of wooden shades.

Vertical Blinds

Classic or trendy – they look great in any kind of office interior! The only restriction with these blinds is the limitation in the types of fabric that can be used for the blinds.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most preferred type of window blinds for office spaces. They are budget-friendly, gives good sunlight blockage and reduces heat-induced losses in the office environment.

When choosing the blinds for your office, here are the key points you need to keep in mind –

Combating the Glare

Using blinds can help you in combating excessive glare in your office. Materials and fabrics used in blinds will help to block the sunlight that will stream inside otherwise. Using a darker shade of blind fabric for your roller blinds will help in reducing glare without blocking the outside view completely

Heat reduction

When sunlight streams in unrestricted, chances are that the overall temperature can increase drastically inside the room, making you run the air-condition in lower temperatures. This increases the power loss and brings along electricity expenses. Choose a material for your blind that can effectively repel the heat and keep the office interior at least 2 to 3 degrees cooler.

Outside visibility

Gray screen fabrics are often used for your roller blinds to allow visibility to the outside world for offices with a great view. The screen fabric also combated the issues of light streaming and heat build up.

Depending on your priorities, you can now choose any type of window blinds in for your office in Dubai. Let the sun shine upon you without getting in the way of your work!

Past Blinds

Trip To The Past – How Blinds Came To Be

Window blinds are nothing new to us – we see them everywhere! You have them at home and at your office, where they add beauty to the room while providing you just the right amount of sunlight and enough privacy.

Have you ever stopped to think about the history of this innovative piece of interior decor right in front of you? So, let us learn a little about the past of window blinds which keep you content and comfortable.

Binds seem like an invention of the new world, but the fact is that it’s invention dates back thousands of years. They have been around for centuries, providing protection from sun and wind. It is believed that the early window blinds originated in Egypt, Persia or China around the same time.

Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians used wet strips of cloth as window blinds for protection against sun and dust. The first Venetian blinds were known to have been discovered in Persia and used from 1100 AD to 1500 AD. At the same time, Ancient Chinese were known to use window blinds made of bamboo stalks.  

On the other hand, window blinds, specifically Venetian blind were not part of the European culture until the early 1700s. Even though these blinds didn’t originate in Europe, as it’s modern versions emerged near Venice, they were called the  “Venetian”.

Throughout the 1700s, the Venetian blinds grew in popularity in France and England. And so, in the year 1760, English gentleman named Gowin Knight developed a “Dwarf Venetian Blind” and received a patent for the same.  Around the same time, another Englishman, John Webster started the sale of “Wooden Venetian Su Blinds “ in Philadelphia.

The window blinds saw further innovations in the 1800s as they were developed in style and function. In 1841, John Hampson of New Orleans invented a mechanism to adjust the angle of the blind slats, allowing the control of sunlight let into the room. This is the Venetian blinds as we know them today.

The mass production of aluminum window blinds gained momentum after the world war II as Henry Sonnenberg and Joe Hunter founded the Hunter Douglas and began sale in North America. Hunter Douglas took off in 1947, with the production of more than 1,000 independent fabricators in the US and Canada.

Window blinds also progressed to different styles during the same time. Edward and Fredrick Bopp from Kansas City invented patented the vertical blinds in 1950. The 1970s saw the introduction of aluminum “Mini blinds”. The wide slatted wood and faux wood blinds that e see today gained popularity in the US starting from the 1980s.

Even after years, window blinds have such everlasting appeal in our lives. It is not hard to figure out why as they do a lot for our abodes by providing great style and comfort. With years of innovation, e now have a lot of options to choose from. We have different blinds made of natural materials like wood and bamboo as well as those made of artificial materials like plastic and vinyl. We even have motorized blinds and solar shades specifically meant for commercial places.

No matter what your taste is and what your needs are, we have the best window blinds here in Dubai for you to choose from.


Venetian Blinds

Stylize Your Home With Venetian Blinds

Window blinds are not just an interior accessory to your home, but rather a necessity in Dubai. The city enjoys a sunny weather throughout the year meaning that chances are that your home or office will be completely lit for 10 to 12 hours every day.

There are many kinds of window blinds in the market, but one type that easily suits your needs are Venetian Blinds. They can give a casual or elegant look to your interiors depending upon the color and design of your choice. Venetian Blinds also come in different materials like aluminum, wood, and fabric. Depending upon your interior, you can choose the material which suits your place the best. They have stood the test of time as a functional and stylish choice for your home or office. They can be used to deliver any style – from classic or ancient style, a minimalistic or even a contemporary one. Even if you are looking for blinds purely for the sake of practicality, Venetian blind is a great choice.


Blind that suits your space

As Venetian Blinds are made of hard materials, they would not work in a room needing a softer look and feel. However, they are really good at controlling light and privacy making them a favored choice for bedrooms and office spaces. They are also often used in kitchens as they are very easy to clean and are more flame resistant than a normal fabric blind. Venetian blinds are also a good choice for your bathrooms as they offer a clean simple look.


The material of your Venetian blind affects how they look and where they can be used. Wooden blinds, for instance, are perfect for your living room which is dry and cozy and should never be used in the kitchen or bathroom area where there are too much heat and moisture. On the other hand choosing an aluminum, PVC or faux wood Venetian blind for the latter areas will ensure the long life your blind as well as effectively serve its purpose.


The material you choose also impacts the choice of color. Metallic and PVC Venetian blinds can be designed in different colors and patterns, but the wooden or faux wood ones will come in their natural shades only. Metallic slats will also offer different finishes like metallic, glossy, satin or matte which you can choose according to the type of look you want to add to your room.


Getting the right slat size

The slight size is a visual consideration which you will want to look into before deciding on a Venetian blind. There are 50mm slats which are reasonably wide and can give the best effect for large windows. Wooden slats are the one that comes in the 50-60 mm range while the aluminum is the only material that has 25mm slats. For smaller windows, try aluminum slats s bigger slats will not suit it well.

Remember that these slats also help you control the light and privacy. Normally the Venetian blinds are designed to be left down rather than pulling up and down on a daily basis.


Mix it with curtains

One good way to soften the look of your room while using a Venetian blind is to mix it with curtains. Using curtains will add more color and texture to your rooms offering a versatile look. Pairing your Venetian blinds with light colored curtain also helps you control the light coming inside while securing the room’s privacy.

Get ready to stylize your home in Dubai with Venetian blinds today!