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Blinds For Your Office – Find the right one

Dubai is one of the commercial hubs of the world with a number of offices and commercial places operating round the year. This sunny city is known for its high rise buildings, hosting office spaces for multinational corporations to upcoming startups. One of the easily noticeable things about all these buildings is their beautiful glass windows, adding to the elegance of the place.

Glass windows, despite their beauty, can cause hindrance to your living and productivity due to the amount of light that filters in through. It can cause glare on your computer screen as well as cause discomfort to your eyes due to light overexposure. This can be true even if you use treated and tinted glasses for your office. A good solution to this problem is getting window blinds for your office.

Window blinds are not just a necessity, but they add to the aesthetic of your office too. Let us check the requirements to get the right kind of blind for your office space-

Meet the Purpose
Window blinds shouldn’t be bought on a whim. Each kind of blind has its own functionality and advantage and get to understand them first. For example, vertical blinds allow you to regulate the amount of light into the office and offer better privacy while roller blinds are more easy to operate. You can also choose a roman blind with a sunscreen fabric, which can cut the glare without sacrificing the great view outside. Offices with good views are known to boost the mood and productivity of employees. So identify your main purpose before settling on a blind.

Follow the culture
You must also be sure about the type of culture that you project. What is the culture or personality projected by your business? Is it a professional set up or a fun and relaxed workplace where your employees can come in tracksuits?  You can easily create a mood for the interiors with elements like paint, furniture and your window blinds. Choose blinds that suit your function, in pastels for a sophisticated look or with patterns for and fun and edgy look. When you are getting the blinds in place, make sure that it suits your company’s style and image.

Careful on the details
As blinds are part of your office interior that sets the mood for your office, make sure you choose a design and style that is in no way distracting to your workforce. Use textures and colors that evoke the core emotion you want to evoke in your clients or your employees. Blinds are part of the visual representation of your business and being particular about the details will help you choose the perfect suited blinds that will not only help make an impression but also help in improving the company’s productivity.

You can always get an expert opinion from an interior designer. He or she can help you decide on the color, pattern or type of blind that goes with your office interiors. So, find the right window blinds for your office today and stay on top of your game.


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Housekeeping Rules: Maintaining Window Blinds

Window Blinds are now a common sight in most homes. They are trendy as well as useful in blocking the amount of sunlight getting inside the house. Having blinds for your windows have been proven to keep your home cooler by a few degrees, With so many uses, both aesthetic and practical, you must take special care for their maintenance during your routine housekeeping.

Blinds are one of the things in your home where dust gets accumulated very easily. Even if you keep your windows closed all the time, most of the dust that accumulates inside the house comes via small openings, crevices etc. in the window. This also settles down between the blinds, making them dusty and shabby in no time. It goes without saying that having so much dust inside your home could bring about allergies in kids as well as adults and hence, keeping areas inside your home, including the window blinds dust free must be your top priority.

Cleaning Wood Blinds
Wooden blinds are just beautiful and are easily one of the most common types of blinds people prefer at home or office. Most wooden blinds are treated with a special dust and stain repellent finish. Even so, cleaning them necessary at times. Use a soft cloth to clean the blind using furniture polish. Spray the solution on the cloth and wipe each slat individually. If you feel that it needs stronger cleaning, use plain water to wipe the blinds. But in this case, always make sure you wipe off the water completely as moisture can damage wooden blinds.

Cleaning Faux- Wood Blinds
One of the most popular varieties of blinds in use is the faux-wood type. For cleaning your dusty faux-wood blinds, you just need to use a vacuum with a dust brush attachment/ Close the blinds completely and vacuum one side by holding the bottom rail. Turn round and repeat the same. Please make a note to use the lowest suction setting to avoid damaging the blinds. You can also use a handheld duster to clean such blinds.
Faux wood blinds which have collected some grease or grime will require bit more care. You can use a vinegar-water mixture to clean this. Use a microfiber cloth so as to not damage the blinds. Swip along each blind flap for best results.

Cleaning Fabric Blinds
Blinds like roman or pleated are more delicate than faux-wood. Use a vacuum in low setting or brush using a hand duster. You can also use a blower, preferably in a cool setting to blow away the dust.  Any kind of stain on these type of blinds can be cleaned using a warm soapy water and microfiber cloth. Do not wet the blind, but rather wipe off the dirt carefully and allow the blinds to get dry completely before raising them.

Cleaning Aluminum Blinds
Aluminum blinds can be maintained similar to faux wood blinds. They can be dusted or cleaned with a wet cloth. But if you have a lot of aluminum blinds at your home, you can choose to soak them in a bathtub with a bit of dish soap. This way you can easily clean each side of the slat using a brush or cloth after soaking it for a few minutes. Take care to rinse off soap residues to avoid spotting on the aluminum.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds
Cleaning a vertical blind can be done in any methods listed above depending upon the type of material your blind is made of.  You can further use a lint roller to easily roll over long vertical blinds to pick up dust and cobwebs.

Maintaining your window blinds needs to be done regularly so that you will be not be burdened with heavy cleaning every time. Regular cleaning will also keep your home dust free and your family healthy.


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Window Blinds To Get Away From Dubai Summers

Dubai is a desert city which lies along the Persian Gulf. Like any middle eastern city, Dubai has is warm and sunny on any normal day, with hot and long summer days from April to September. People in the city try to find various ways to keep out the sun most of the time. When it comes to blocking sunlight from homes and offices, the easiest way is to instill blackout window blinds that suits the surroundings.
Room darkening blinds are one of the most preferred ways to keep out due to a number of reasons. Let us check them out –

Getting a good shuteye during daytime
If you are a Shift job employee in Dubai, who works all night and sleeps during the day, then you know how much difficult it is to fall asleep with the sun shining down on you through the windows at your place. The best way to get a good sleep is by darkening your room using blinds, giving a soothing darkness for you to rest.

Dimming the glare
Very often, you might find that your television is directly facing your window, where the sunlight goes directly through the window, causing a glare on the TV. As this is very discomforting to the viewers, we suggest you try blackout blinds during your TV time.

Bringing down the room Temperature
One of the best ways to bring down the room temperature in a natural way in summer is to put up blinds over your windows. The right type of blinds can help keep your home cool without needing to keep your air conditioner running all the time. Studies show that installing blinds between window panes can bring down the room temperature by 3-degree Celsius.
Closing your blinds at peak heat times and during heat waves will also help to maintain a cooler temperature in the summer. For this method to be really effective, you can choose lightweight blinds.

Dim nurseries for the baby
Nurseries are one place in the house that often need a sun protection. Putting up blinds will help you to put your baby to sleep without the sunlight seeping into the room. This will allow your baby to enjoy a good sleep and put your mind at ease

Aesthetic and Practical
The good thing about blackout blinds is how it serves different purposes in contrary to treated windows. Blinds provide aesthetic value to your home, making it look classy or trendy, depending on the blind you have used. They can also be pulled back to allow the sunlight to filter in at times, allowing you to bask in the heat during the winters. Blinds also give privacy inside the home.

As blinds serve the dual purpose of blocking sunlight and allowing it to reach inside your home, this is the perfect solution making your home ready to face the weather all year around. Stop waiting and install your blackout window blinds in Dubai today.


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Turn On The Charm Of Your Home With Beautiful Blinds

Your house becomes a home when you put an effort to make it feel so. Interior designs do a lot of difference to your house, making it feel more warm and welcoming. There a number of ways to brighten up your place while making it feel cozier. One simple thing that could bring a remarkable change to your interiors is installing window blinds in your home.

Blinds are one of those home decors which can set the right mood for your home if you put the right one up. There are many kinds of blinds, which can be pulled up both manually as well as automatically. The costs will vary accordingly, but they all bring out the charm just the same.
So, how do you find the right kind of blind for your home? Let us take a quick look at the types of blinds that are available in the market-

Roman Blinds
This type of blinds is made of soft fabric, which adds a soothing touch to your rooms when used. Roman blinds gather to form pleats when rolled up making them look really beautiful even when not in use. These blinds are perfect for you bedrooms as they filter light, giving privacy to you and your family while giving off a comfortable ambiance required for your room.

Roller Blinds
As the name suggests, these blinds can be easily rolled up when not in use. Roller blinds are usually made of stiffened fabric and can withstand routine wear and tear effectively. They are also very economical and has a long shelf life compared to other kinds of blinds. These are perfect for your kitchen and other areas of your house where a lot of activity takes place on a normal basis. Choose a color and fabric that suits the surroundings and you are good to go.

Vertical Blinds
These blinds have individual slats along a track at the top of the blind. Vertical blinds are the classy kind of blinds that you often find in office premises. Depending on the style, these blinds can either open from side to side or can part in the middle. Vertical blinds are often used for patio doors and floor to ceiling windows, like the ones you have for your home balcony.

Wooden Blinds
Wood is a popular choice of material, used for custom blinds. They have an unparalleled natural beauty and warmth, which give your home a strong feeling of being in the countryside. Most wooden blinds come in different types of wooden, stains and colors. These blinds are perfect to be used anywhere in your home, except in places where humidity and moisture is a concern.

Aluminum Blinds
Another popular choice of blinds is the Aluminum Blinds. They are available in many verity and finishes. As the metal is resistant to moisture and corrosion, this is the perfect choice of blinds for your bathrooms.

For bringing the homely charm into your house, choose your blinds well. Mix and match and play with colors and materials and get the best kind of blinds for your windows. Find your perfect fitted window blinds in Dubai today!



Motorised blinds in Dubai

How Can Motorised Blinds in Dubai Impact Your Productivity?

There are many advantages of purchasing motorised blinds in your home, but did you know that it also offers a great opportunity to increase productivity in your office?

If you want to invest in motorised blinds for your workplace, then you’re off to a great start when it comes to boosting your team’s productivity and efficiency with their jobs.

First, what makes you productive?

For some, they kick-start their day with a sip of hot coffee. A hearty breakfast and a good night’s sleep are also great factors that contribute to improved mood, which then leads to better productivity in the office. Among all these things, did you know that blinds can also act as ‘coffee’ in your morning as it also enhances your efficiency?

How? It might sound like an unusual concept, but the type of blinds in your office space may have a significant impact on your levels of productivity. You might ask how can blinds work as a key to increasing your efficiency when they are simply decorations and function to block out the light?

Well, when it works just like how your office furniture can impact your team. It’s important to choose the right kind of furniture as the most comfortable chair or a desk can make your employees happy. When the team is happy and is taken care of, they become productive.

While blinds don’t necessarily affect you the way an uncomfortable chair would have, they do contribute to the environment that you work in. Did you know that some factors such as lighting, air flow, and heat management directly relate to installing your blinds?

According to the findings of a survey, it is revealed that daylight makes people feel comfortable with their work environment. Some of these findings were:

The researchers found that well-lit work environments helped in boosting the worker’s personal well-being especially when the lighting comes from a natural source. Knowing the benefits of the sunshine to their skin, a significant 77% of the respondents believed that when you enter an office that has a decent amount of natural light, it could improve work performance.

79% of the respondents stated that they become more productive at work when their office has a good view from the outside. Apparently, it helps them to relax amidst all the stress from their daily tasks.

Modernising your tools and furniture, including your blinds, add a good impression on the business as 77% of the respondents have noted. They claimed that they become more interested in working for a company that uses the latest and energy-efficient technology. With this, they have the idea that if the company invests so much in their blinds, then they’re ready to invest in their people.

Another factor that impacts the productivity levels is the temperature of a workplace. 88% of the respondents believed that there was a connection between room temperature and increased productivity. Having an office that is freezing cold or too hot can make your employees feel uncomfortable, and instead they direct their focus on the extreme temperature.

We provide the best motorised blinds in Dubai to workspaces in terms of controlling how much light you’d want to let in. With all these in mind, don’t forget to reach us out if you finally decide on installing motorised blinds for your office!

Vertical blinds in Dubai

Why Vertical Blinds Are Great Choice For Your Homes?

Vertical blinds are progressively well known when decorating your house. They offer style and practicality for everyone – a slight tilt on the louvers controls both privacy and light beautifully. Vertical blinds are a great choice for your home.

Vertical blinds keep out the sun while adding some beautification to your home. By controlling the light, they can spare you cash in more ways than one.

If you have wide windows, you know how much sunlight can pass through. The rays of the sun are then amplified when they go through the window glass. Too much exposure to the sun can damage your furniture especially if you have wooden furnishings. Vertical blinds can reduce this greatly as it can block out the rays of the sun. Vertical blinds will save your furniture, time, and money.

Purchasing vertical blinds can save your financial costs in other ways. By reducing the rays of the sun that enter your rooms, you can also drop the heat index in summer months which will let you save on electric and air conditioning costs.

Additionally, vertical blinds can also help save costs during the winter months as well. Keep the windows covered with a strong vertical blind and less heat will escape. This will surely lower your energy bills.

Last but not least, vertical blinds are beneficial to your well-being. By keeping the rays of the sun at a minimum, you will be prone to fewer headaches and eye strains.

If you get vertical blinds installed, don’t forget that the slat also has a lot to do with the results you will have. If you want maximum light, simply pull them right back. There are vertical blinds available for a single piece, so they pile to one side when drawn back. If that happens, you can request to split the rail into two, so the blinds can draw right to left and vice versa. The maximum length of one rail is 300 cm, but multiple rails can be connected.

Vertical blinds in Dubai offer a wide range of selection, giving you various fabrics, décor, and colour options. Fabrics that are attractively woven can make your interiors more beautiful as vertical blinds can complement any space in your home.

Vertical blinds give a contemporary look to the entire room. A home is where we spend or wish to spend most of our time in, so that’s why having a homely environment with beautiful interior designs is incredibly important. To give your home a more interesting look, installing vertical blinds in Dubai will make any room presentable in a way you may have never seen it before.

The functionality of vertical blinds is one of the most significant features of it. It allows you to look outside a window pane but the person from the outside will not be able to see you. We here at Dubai Blinds have designed our services in a way to provide the best benefits while ensuring that our clients enjoy their new blinds. Overall, Dubai Blinds ensure that your privacy and comfort is our top priority as we strive to exceed your expectations.

Install vertical blinds with us and make sure your home will look more appealing in no time!

Wooden Venetian Blinds in Dubai

Wooden Venetian Blinds: The Ultimate Stylish Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are often viewed as the ultimate stylish blinds as it provides a sophisticated outline with unrivaled functionality.

This type of blinds works well in any type of rooms, especially for living rooms. With its classic design, wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect solution if you are on the lookout for new and stylish blinds.

Wooden Venetian blinds offer precise light control alongside ensuring your privacy. Because the quality and sturdiness of wood, these blinds are cost-effective as it will stand the test of time. Wooden Venetian blinds would add more beauty to your home as wood brings a distinct beauty through its warmth and texture.

What are the benefits of installing wooden Venetian blinds in Dubai?

It’s styled for the versatile.

Apart from its natural beauty, wooden Venetian blinds can be installed to suit any type of décor. Regardless if you have a cosy little home with traditional furniture or a modern one with sleek furnishings, wooden blinds will work exceptionally well in either case.

Wooden Venetian blinds are warm and cosy.

Wood is ideal for its protection and energy-efficiency, alongside the comfort it conveys. Loss of warmth from your room is radically lessened when the blinds are shut, which makes a solid barrier. With wooden Venetian blinds, your home will take advantage from improved warmth amid the colder months, ensuring that you and your family will remain warm without turning up the temperature.

It can give you your much-deserved peace and quiet.

Wooden Venetian blinds also offer the added benefit of noise reduction. This can be really advantageous if you live in an urban area, or on a busy street or have noisy neighbours! Of course, no window dressing or blind can guarantee a full reduction of noise from outside, but wooden Venetian blinds can provide an effective barrier that makes your home more peaceful. Due to the high level of slat rotation, you can obscure your view from the outside by simply turning the slats which will also help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home.

Wooden Venetian blinds in Dubai offer that timeless, modern but yet discerning look and feel. They will suit any area of the home and always look great. Our Classic Collection includes 10 different colours of wood in two slat widths 25 and 50 mm.

All wood Venetian blinds come with wooden valances and fastenings and cord for raising, lowering, and tilting the slats.

Slat sizes come in two widths such as 25mm and 50mm — simply choose the style you prefer. All Blinds also feature a mechanism that allows you to raise & lower the blind with ease.

Don’t forget to contact us today to get the best blinds in Dubai!

Here with us at Dubai Blinds, you can find the best blinds in the city. You may check for blinds in the supermarket and find that it’s more expensive in other different areas. But if you want to avail the best blinds installation services, then don’t forget to contact us today!

Motorised blinds in Dubai

Top Benefits of Motorised Blinds For Your Home!

Are you thinking of getting motorised blinds for your personal space? You’ve probably heard about an automatic way of drawing blinds, but do you know what the benefits are of getting it installed? You’re not alone, as many people who are considering this convenient solution are also not exactly sure if it’ll be a good investment.

There’s nothing to worry as we’ll go over through this blog the best benefits that are related to motorised blinds in Dubai. Continue reading as we’ll help you settle on a wise decision upon learning what you can expect from motorised blinds.

Motorised blinds provide convenience.

The biggest advantage of installing motorised blinds is its convenience factor. This is also the main reason why people choose to purchase it in the first place.

Motorised blinds enable you to adjust it with the touch of a button. It’s a smart technological innovation as one remote or smart device will control all of your motorised blinds. In addition, you can even schedule your adjustments to automatically occur for a specific time of the day.

It ensures safety if you have kids or pets around.

Operating blinds involve cords, and they can actually pose a risk especially if you have kids or pets at home. Purchasing motorised blinds means that your blinds will be cord and chain free, so you can assure safety for your kids and pets when they’re playing around.  

It creates a pleasant environment.

Motorised blinds can also be an efficient and convenient way to save energy and finances since you’ll be able to use a sensor or a timer. At the same time, you can always improve your home’s mood by creating a more pleasant environment. Are you in the mood for sunny days? Or do you want the room to be darker? You won’t even have to think much about it, open and shut your blinds anytime you want to.

Motorised blinds modernise your home and serve great functionality.

People typically install blinds not only to block out the light but to also protect their home’s interior from the sun’s harsh radiation. However, there will be times when you’ll forget shutting the blinds especially if you have a hectic schedule. Did you know that when furniture is exposed under the sun for a long period of time, they begin to lose their shine and texture? At Dubai Blinds, we don’t have this problem as motorised blinds address this problem and serves as your perfect partner when it comes to protecting your furniture and valuables.

Now that you know more about the benefits in which you can get when installing motorised blinds in your home, then it’s time to search for the best blinds in Dubai! Of course, you can always have motorised blinds installed in different rooms in your home.  With these many benefits, we’re sure you’ll soon be looking for the best blinds in Dubai.

Are you ready for adding refinement to your blinds? Then contact us now!

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Choosing the Best Blinds For Your Office in Dubai

For a business to grow, it’ll be fundamental for the work environment to look alluring. An attractive space sets the initial impression when clients or business partners come to the office. It’s best to take different measures to ensure that the company gives the best work environment to their representatives and guests. Purchasing blinds in Dubai are one of the many ways to style your office, wherein you could add a refine and contemporary look to your space.

In any case, it is important to pick the most fitting kind of blinds that would reflect the image of the company.

Remember that when it comes to choosing a blind, it’s best to look at what your specific needs are as well. Here are some factors you can consider when choosing the best blinds in Dubai:

  1. Window blinds that can manage the sun’s glare.

As people in the office spend most of their time in front of the computer, they prefer to avoid the sun’s glare from hitting the computer screen. There are blinds that feature a light filtering fabric that can control the glare and heat effectively.

  1. Find the blinds that can regulate the room’s temperature.

The best solution for controlling the warmth going into the room is to apply an assortment of blinds, which can include Aluminium Venetian Blinds and Vertical blinds. If you want to control the level of warmth and still need to maintain the good view from the window, then you may consider going with a light filtering Roller blinds.

  1. Blinds that can shut out the light during presentations.

The common type of blinds used in office conference rooms is Blackout Roller blinds. As the name suggests, these blinds block light out to provide privacy.  

  1. Search for the blinds that best suit your personal style.

Many offices tend to stick to the typical neutral colour palette to guarantee that blinds coordinate any space. However, it’s a major business trend today to get creative as much as possible when it comes to stylising your office space. You can also get creative with the way you choose your blinds! Instead of opting for a neutral shade, you can upscale it with a stylish pattern or colour to make your blinds stand out and transform your workspace.

By making the office space attractive, you can also attract more business partners and clients. It’s especially important for the clients to feel comfortable with your office which could be done by styling it with different elements such as blinds.

Getting blinds in Dubai could be a smart way to transform the overall look of your workspace. Another benefit is that it would leave a good impression to potential investors as well. A company that invests in its looks and delivers the best. They might find your office attractive by the looks of your blinds, which could influence their investment decisions.

Throughout the years, we at Dubai Blinds has effectively given our clients the quickest blinds installation service in the business. We satisfy our customers by providing the best blinds in Dubai within 48 hours of time. Our merchandise and ventures are of high calibre as we will enable you to draw out the most engaging blinds for your office space.

Blinds in Dubai

Designer Distinguish – Roller Blinds Vs Roman Blinds

Whether you are in the process of redecorating your home or currently refurbishing your residence, you might get overwhelmed when it comes to home decorative like artwork, show pieces, and furniture. Research shows that many people find it difficult picking the right window treatment. It is indeed difficult if you are redecorating your home for the very first time. However, do not underestimate yourself and prepare to transform your home into a place that not only reflects your personality but a place that everyone would love to come over and over again.

Generally, when you are in the process of redesigning, window treatments often come at the bottom of your shopping list. This is probably because not many people are sure how to go about this process. In fact, many people get more confused when they get to know about the different types of blinds. If you are one of them, not to worry! This article will describe the difference between the roller and roman blinds and give you tips on which type of blinds fits where.

Roman blinds – give a dramatic effect to your home

Roman blinds are one of the most elegant types of blinds that could be compared with drapes. However, in the case of drapes, dust, dirt, and debris will be easily stuck in between the beautiful layers. This is not the case for roman blinds. Unlike the types of blinds, when you open them, they will have a smooth and seamless movement. This is one of the stand-out characteristics of roman blinds.

In fact, this could be the most feasible option for small windows or if you don’t have floor-ceiling windows. For people who wish to project a dramatic effect, roman blinds could be the ideal option. Overall, they will certainly provide a simple yet serene look to your windows that could be complemented with fun, colourful, and elegant patterns.

Roller blinds – low maintenance option

Roller blinds can make the room feel warm. It’s almost like you’re having another layer of texture that is similar to a wallpaper. The best part about them is that you don’t have to customise their size to fit your window.  This is extremely beneficial for those who have large windows. Roller blinds come in various sizes and so you don’t have to worry about its customisation. They are not only practical, but they also help in bringing all the components of the room together.

So, what do you think? What would you go for? The elegant ones or the low-maintenance ones?