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Four Ways To Upgrade Your Home Setup With Blinds

It can get extremely difficult when you’re moving houses and have taken the initiative to redesign it. In many aspects of redecoration, it is evident that one might get very confused. If you’re one of them, not to worry as we will help you choose the perfect blinds for your new home. Blinds are one aspect that can totally transform your house and make it look big and spacious. Here are some of the ways through which you can enhance your home outlook with these window treatments.

Light control

One of the most common features that people look for in their home is the control of light. They want to usually operate the light diffusion depending on the time of the day. Blinds can certainly serve this purpose. In fact, when it comes to light controlling, blinds would be the most ideal choice as you can conveniently open or close the blinds according to your needs. This will also help in creating a warm glow. Unlike curtains and shades which gives either give diffuse or completely block light, blinds will give you your desired amount of light.

Privacy is one of the most crucial parts especially when your home with your friends and family. You wouldn’t want your neighbours to peek in and intrude your privacy. The way to preserve your privacy is by opting for quality and reliable blinds. When you install blinds, the strangers will not be allowed to see inside your home.

Stylise your home with colourful blinds

Now that you have managed to control light and enjoy your privacy, let’s move ahead with styling your blinds to make your home look spectacular. Always note that your home should reflect who you are. This does not only refer to furniture and the décor but also blinds. Make sure that they complement your furniture that projects subtlety. Get engrossed in colourful blinds as you make your home beautiful and stunning.

Focus on durability

Blinds are more durable when compared to other window coverings especially faux wood and aluminum blinds. The firmness, sturdiness, and robustness of faux woods certainly make blinds the most durable window treatments. If you are looking for blinds that have the maximum durability, opt for aluminum blinds and Venetian blinds.

So, let’s focus on your home transformation with beautiful, long-lasting blinds in Dubai.

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Tips To Improve Your Home Outlook With The Ideal Blinds

Do you think your home is lacking some style? It is probably time to get creative and include a few items that will give a contemporary look to your home. Always keep in mind that your apartment should reflect your personality and give positive vibes. However, when you are planning to incorporate new items, always remember that the entire outlook of your home can be transformed with just the use of blinds.

This is mainly applicable to small apartments as you cannot do much with space. You might want to buy new furniture or other items that would take up space, however, this will only make your home look smaller and cramped. Blinds can be the perfect element that can make your home look bigger and wider. Hence, this blog will give you a few tips and tricks that can help you enhance the overall look of your home through the use of blinds.

Choose blinds that complement your windows

Intricate and quality blinds such as roman blindsvertical blinds, and roller blinds can enhance your home’s beauty, however, its designs can perhaps make your rooms look smaller. Hence, it is crucial to pick the right blind that not only matches your room but also makes it look bigger. Our experts at Easy Blinds have years of experience in the business industry and will give you constant guidance in redesigning your entire home.

Install blinds that will allow natural light

Heavy, thick, and dark blinds can look beautiful at your home, but there might not be adequate sunlight. Moreover, these kinds of blinds can obstruct visual points even in the day which can get very irritating. When you let the adequate natural light, your room will look vibrant, large, and you will instantly feel positive. Dull rooms are often associated with negativity. This is why you need to look at all the possibility before installing any blinds. Our expert team will help you choose the right blinds that are of high-quality. We will personally come to your home as we prioritise your time before anything else.

Think vertical for rooms that have low ceiling

If your rooms have a low ceiling, then it is advisable to install vertical blinds. In this way, your rooms will look bigger. When you have blinds that are installed upwards, your eyes will be drawn upwards, creating a sense of verticality in your home, which is perhaps missing due to a low ceiling.

Choose solid colours over textures and patterns

When you are choosing your blinds, always go for monochromatic colours. Blinds that have a single colour will have more matte and a better built-in appearance when they are mounted inside or outside the windows when compared to blinds that are of multiple shades and an intricate pattern. In fact, these patterns can make your room look smaller. When square footage is an issue, almost every inch counts. We at Easy Blinds, aim to install the best blinds in Dubai that will suit your home and fits under your budget.

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Five Signs That Suggest The Need To Change Your Blinds

When we are in the process of home shifting, we often wonder if there is a need to do window treatment. At times, this dilemma can lead to mental extortion. This is because we are not professional or knowledgeable individuals in the blinds and curtains industry in Dubai. Hence, we have made it easy for all the blind ventures by providing five major sign checks that can indicate the need to change your blinds. In fact, this shall make the entire process of blind selection much easier. Have a read to know more about major signs to change your blinds.

  1.    Identify damaged components

Even though blinds look like a very simple window treatment, it involves several technicalities. There are many internal components which make up the entire piece. Moreover, it is extremely vital for all these parts to be in their optimum condition if they need to function properly. If so, blinds can be a user-friendly equipment as well as an efficient window treatment. Hence, if you find any component that seems to be worn out or is damaged, it is advisable to install another high-quality and an elegant roller or roman blind that will complement your décor.

  1.    Low safety

Blinds are one of the few home decors which have proven to last for many years with proper care. In fact, when people move in, the first thing they choose are blinds as they add an element of style, comfort, and elegance to your home. In fact, your entire space changes with the installation of blinds. However, if you have children at your home, it is not safe to have hanging cords especially at the reach of your toddlers. Hence, it is ideal to look through the modern collection of blinds that are both beautiful and safe.

  1.    Not in trend

Since blinds can be used for several years, there will be a point where it will be totally out of trend. You can instantly notice the old aluminium blinds in a newly furnished room. If you are hoping to impress your guests at your home or do business with potential clients, then new, stylish, and modern blinds could be a perfect choice.

  1.    Change in needs

Occasionally, you might come across blinds that no longer suit the needs for which it was previously installed. For instance, as the seasons change, you might have installed roller blinds to accommodate sunlight in your room. However, as the cold season approaches, you might wish to switch from roller to wooden blinds as the latter type can bring warmth to the room. So, if you think you are in the same boat, it is time to get in touch with us as we ensure that the blinds are fit to perfection.

  1.    Building new windows

Lastly, if you are planning to build new window panes, you might have to select the perfect blinds that will complement your new window and the home décor. Contact Easy Blinds to know more about the latest services and quality blinds that will make your home spacious and beautiful!


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Checklist To Purchase The Perfect Blinds

It can be quite a challenge when identifying what type of blinds you need just by looking at your window pane. Many blinds and curtains company in Dubai have a wide variety of selection with diverse texture, design, and quality. Moreover, installing blinds is not a small process which can be changed every now and then. This is exactly why it is extremely important to have a checklist or criteria that can determine the type of blinds you would like to install in your home. This blog post will enunciate on the criteria list through which you can identify the blinds that would fit your home or workspace.

  1.    Identify the purpose of the blinds

One of the most important aspects of installing blinds is its very purpose. For instance, you might want to purchase blinds for your workspace. In such cases, roman blinds will be the perfect choice as they can give a touch of elegance and sophistication. Roller blinds can also be a great option as you can control the level of light within the room. This is perfect in the lobby or near the reception of your workspace. Hence, if you know the purpose of these blinds, you can quickly narrow down your options.

On the other hand, you might want to utilise the natural light rather than wasting electricity. It is claimed that 25% of energy always transmits through windows and doors. In such cases, wooden blinds can be the perfect option and can provide a warm environment, especially during the winters.

  1.    Touch and feel of the texture

The space in which you wish to install blinds may have various aspects which cannot be overlooked. One of them includes the texture of the furniture. Your blinds can certainly complement the furniture, let it be in your workspace or at your home. You might wish to set up expensive blinds especially if you have recently moved in. We at Easy Blinds have a variety of textural blinds that can change the dimension of your home.

  1.    Choose the best blind company in Dubai

Even though there is various blinds company in Dubai, it is crucial to select the best company that aims to offer high-quality goods and services. This is because choosing the company will be the basis for installing the perfect blinds. One of the stand out features of our company is that we install blinds in 48 hours. You no longer have to wait for the blinds to arrive, instead, we will be at your doorstep.


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A Guide On Choosing The Perfect Blind Exceeding Your Expectations

While you are busy décor hunting, it is equally important to complement your décor with chosen blinds. There are numerous factors that help in choosing the right blind. In fact, today there are many blinds in the market that it is almost impossible to choose a blind merely based on its appearance. It is time that we understand our needs and then choose the product that matches our requirements.

This article is a quick guide in choosing the blind that blends in perfectly. Firstly, it is essential to analyse the space in which you are intending to install a blind. For instance, if you are planning to redecorate your workspace to attract potential clients and build your business, blinds can certainly change the entire look of the room. Even though it’s a small aspect of the room, they can infuse a vibrant and positive aura that will give a welcoming feel to your clients.

Another factor that should not be overlooked is the amount of light you require in the room. For instance, bedrooms and boardrooms would perhaps need a minimal light when compared to the living room and reception area of the office.

In such cases, you should go for blackout blinds which will eliminate maximum sunlight and give a dim view to the rooms. In fact, this will also ensure complete safety, especially for your bedrooms. Moreover, blackout blinds come at a very affordable rate and can be the perfect solution to maintain your privacy.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a blind to enunciate the overall look of the room and make it appear luxurious, roman blinds could be the ideal option. Roman blinds have this luxurious appearance which can give an uplifting view. Hence, you could install these in your living room or study where you can impress your guests.

At times, you might also wish to install blinds in your bathroom and kitchen for several reasons including safety and privacy. In such places, Venetian blinds could be perfect as they spread a functional feel and is very easy to clean. You can open and shut these blinds depending on the time of the day and the requirement.

At Easy Blinds, we aim to offer both aluminium and wooden blinds. Wooden blinds can help in producing warmth in the bathroom or kitchen, while aluminium blinds can prevent from oxidising the blinds and ruining its texture.

Once you contact our team of professional experts, we will visit your location for a site inspection and we will brainstorm unique ideas that will give a unique look to your house or workspace. We aim to design, produce, and install blinds within 48 hours of time as we understand how difficult it could be to function without these blinds, especially in hot places like Dubai.

We hope to provide high-quality facilities and products. Our team is well-versed in colour combinations and contemporary styles that will certainly provide the best of the best. Get in touch with us and join us in the journey of picking the perfect blind.


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Don’t Be Blinded About Which Blind To Use! – Read More To Find Out How

In this modern age, there are several types of blinds that can be used to redecorate your house and give your guests a welcoming and relaxing feeling. However, before you jump into conclusions and pick a random kind of blind, it would advisable to get some important information on the types of blinds and its varied usages that could help you to pick the perfect blind for your house or workspace.

At Easy Blinds, we offer a wide range of blind which includes roller, vertical, wooden Venetian, aluminum Venetian, and roman blinds. All these blinds are used for different purposes and have its own exclusive characteristics that distinguish from each other. Through this blog, you will be able to identify every blind’s usages which could be then matched with your needs and preferences.

Roller blinds are a sophisticated type of blinds which is often used in workspaces. It is a blind that is typically used in a manager’s office. This could be the perfect prop that could add an element of style and complement your other decors.

Roller blinds provide a high level of security when compared to other blinds but also ensure to give enough natural light to the room. On the other hand, there are blackout blinds under the section of roller blinds which give maximum privacy which is also ideally installed in the bedroom. These roller blinds come with a metal rod on one side to give strong support and provide utmost safety.

In contrary, if you have a large window or if you need a blind for your patio or porch, it would be advisable to go for vertical blinds. Experts believe that vertical blinds are one of the most versatile kinds of blinds as it can be used for multiple purposes. Moreover, you could opt for vertical blinds even for your bathroom as these blinds can be well-used in above moisture rooms and prevent dirt or dust from forming.

The third type of blinds, aluminum Venetian blinds are strong, metallic, recyclable, and easy to clean blinds. Since aluminum is a lightweight metal, it can be easily handled and be shipped without any difficulty. Moreover, since aluminum is a non-corrosive type of metal, it can help in preventing from the oxidation process.

Wooden Venetian blinds are just like aluminum Venetian, but is made of wood instead of aluminum. These blinds can help in bringing in warmth, especially during winter or in colder workspaces. These blinds can give a pleasing feel and an overall positive vibe.

Lastly, roman blinds are used to give a luxurious look. It could perhaps be installed in your living room or in a board meeting room that will certainly give a vibrant look. These blinds offer a wide-variety of breadth options which is the stand-out feature of roman blinds. The whole purpose of these blinds is to give a clean, premium, and contemporary look.

At Easy Blinds, we guarantee you that we will provide the best services that exceed your expectations and needs. For more information on our products and facilities, feel free to book an appointment with us by visiting our official website at


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Obtain The Perfect Balance Between Privacy And Light!

When anyone moves to a new house, there is a vast amount of details that need to be taken care of. An example of this is curtains or blinds. Curtains or blinds are capable of changing the way your house looks altogether. You need to focus on your decision making carefully when choosing which curtains to buy. Roller blinds in Dubai are currently very popular for houses and can bring out a sophisticated look in the room.

If you have curtains but wish to change to a more maintenance-free option, roller blinds could be the perfect suggestion. Curtains are a traditional way of protecting your privacy when needed. If you are desiring for a new look to the house, on any festivals, events or occasions, Roman Blinds could also be a desiring option. Curtains and blinds in Dubai are suitable for any room or space in your home.

On the other hand, if you are considering Blackout curtains for your bedroom and want to ensure complete privacy, Dubai Blinds will do exactly the same. They can provide you with a complete blackout, preserving your privacy. Dubai Blinds promises to provide you with the best facilities and the most desired products.

We can provide you with roller blinds according to your taste and preference. There are many different colors available to suit the different rooms of your house and different kinds to cater to your needs.

During the day you might want sunlight while you enter the room; our roller blinds will provide you with this option. Sunlight can easily pass through the roller blinds, but not in excessive amounts, just the standard amount you require. This does not mean that your privacy will be endangered. Shop for roller blinds with us and bring in changes to your home.

At Dubai Blinds, we guarantee to offer roller blinds which are distinguished from the rest, are maintenance-free and cost-effective. To know more about our products, know more from our official website.

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Purchase The Perfect Blinds For Your Home!

When you are installing curtains or blinds for your home, you want to make sure it preserves your privacy while simultaneously not blocking any light from entering the room. If you stick to curtains, you will have to make a choice between light or privacy.

If you opt for a heavy material, it will completely block the light and ensure you have complete privacy. On the other hand, if you opt for a light material, you will have light shining throughout the room, however, less privacy is given.  

You definitely need privacy in your house but also want to ensure that you get natural light flowing into your room. Window blinds in Dubai are the perfect option for you, as both wants are satisfied. Blinds in Dubai are the perfect combination in restoring your privacy and also not getting rid of the sunlight. The shape and nature of these blinds ensure that there will be privacy in the house while at the same time light flows smoothly into the room.

Vertical blinds are also another popular option as they give a contemporary look to the entire room. A home is where we spend or wish to spend most of our time in. Therefore, having a homely environment with beautiful interior designs is what counts. Vertical blinds will bring in a different look and will make it presentable in a way you may have never anticipated before.

These blinds are definitely eye-catching and would give a great impression to any visitors. Surprisingly, these blinds are not only limited to a house. This is a great option even for your workplace. An office should always look nice and attractive to both employees and visitors.

Vertical blinds can definitely grab the attention of any visitor in an office. Your employees will be highly motivated to come to work every day. The décor could inspire them to work late which would be definitely beneficial for your company.

The practical nature of the vertical blinds is one of the most attractive features of it. It enables you to see outside our window pane but does not allow the person outside to see you. They are designed in a way to bring in the best benefits to our customers making sure they enjoy everything around them. Overall, Dubai blinds ensure that your privacy is our priority.  

Install vertical blinds with us and make sure your home or office is well maintained and appealing.

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Five Reasons To Consider Window Blinds For Your New Home

Moving to a new house could be extremely time-consuming as there are many important decisions to be made during that process. You definitely want your new house to look at its best and would do everything within your budget and scope to make sure this happens. One would want their new house to be exposed to the sunlight and at the same time, enjoy their private space. If you are one of them, Window blinds would be the ideal option for you.

Blinds and curtains in Dubai would help you control the amount of sunlight while you enter your room. The blinds can be adjusted according to your needs and they are made to ensure that a sufficient amount of light is always present in every room. For instance, you might not want a lot of light in your bedroom as well as your living room. With the help of blackout curtains, one can control the amount of light, according to one’s needs.

Dubai Blinds offers a wide range of blinds and curtains which promises to provide comfort and appeal.  For instance, roller blinds could be incorporated in the study room as it could give a formal setting to the room. Depending on your need we will make the perfect blind that matches the size and colour selection. We offer different colors to choose the different backgrounds. Our range of blinds includes roller blinds, vertical blinds, wooden Venetian blinds, aluminum Venetian blinds, and roman blinds in Dubai. We understand and analyse the needs of our clients to ensure that we exceed their expectations.  

We offer an array of blinds, materials, colours, and sizes. Additionally, we can customize new blinds making it look unique and creative. For example, if your living room consists of wooden furniture and flooring, and you want to make sure everything else fixed in the room complies with this theme, you can opt for our wooden Venetian blinds. But, if you think this is too overwhelming for your room you can opt for plastic or aluminum Venetian blinds.

You can enjoy complete privacy with blinds. If you decide to opt for curtains in your rooms, you might not be able to enjoy the natural sunlight while the curtains are closed. On the other hand, blinds can give a limited amount of sunlight even when they are closed. With blinds, you can not only protect your privacy but also enjoy a tad bit of sunlight, brightening the entire room.  

Furthermore, blinds are very easy to maintain when compared to curtains. Curtains often become dirty and they need to be washed and dried which can be both tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, blinds only need to be wiped once in a while making it a very low maintenance product. So, make your home a beautiful and safe place to live by choosing our unique and attractive blinds from Dubai Blinds.

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Wish To Purchase Blinds For Commercial And Office Purposes?

As businesses boom, it has become quite essential for any workplace to look attractive. This is almost like setting the first impression when clients come to meet any business associates. One should take different measures in order to make sure that the company provides the best commercial environment for their employees and visitors. Window blinds in Dubai are one of the many ways to style one’s firm, therefore giving a contemporary look to it.

However, it is important to choose the most appropriate type of blinds that would overlap with the image of the company. Over the years, we, Dubai Blinds has successfully provided our customers with the fastest possible service in the industry. We fulfill all the requirements of our clients ensuring that we provide them with the most desired blind and curtain blinds in Dubai within 48 hours of time. On the other hand, it is important to emphasize the fact that our goods and services are of high quality. We will help you bring out the most appealing look for your office space.

By making sure that the office space looks beautiful, there is definitely a high possibility of attracting more business and clients. Offices are supposedly the most visited place for when employees hold meetings with their clients. It is absolutely necessary for the clients to feel comfortable which could be done by styling the workplace with different elements like curtain blinds.

It is quite evident that any client or visitor who frequently comes to the head office would notice these small changes making it truly impactful. A company is generally visited by clients who tend to increase revenues for the firm. For instance, if you are having a meeting with a few potential investors of the company, the best way to set the best first impression would be to change a couple of elements that would stand out and not look overdone.

Window blinds in Dubai could be a smart way to change the look of the workspace as it would change the entire setting of the place. It would be safe to say that perhaps the potential investors could be convinced to invest in the company looks and delivers the best. They might find the setting attractive by the looks of the office, and this could influence their investment decisions. Blackout curtains could be very essential especially when the employee needs to conduct presentations.

Making the decision to install roller blinds can also make changes in the attitudes of the employees of the business. Employees are the most important component of any business, and decisions taken could always benefit the company. So if you are planning to style your workplace, get more information on our products on our official website!